Welcome to the Town of Upton's Payment Center!

The Town of Upton, in partnership with MCC, is excited to offer a convenient, secure, and eco-friendly way to view and pay bills online!

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E-check, VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express are accepted for most bills listed above. Exclusions apply. Please see below for additional information regarding convenience fees.

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General Information

Software Requirements:

The payment site supports both PC and Macintosh operating systems. It is compatible with all major modern browsers. All browsers must have 128 bit SSL encryption or higher.

Contact Information:

For questions related to your bill, please contact the Town Department directly that issued the bill.

For questions related to your online payment, please contact MCC Customer Support.

Email: support@mcc.net

Phone: (508) 460-6000

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Payment Information:

Payments can be made using an electronic check (ACH) from a checking or savings account.

You may also make payments using Visa® (restrictions apply), MasterCard®, Discover® or the American Express® Credit Card.

Convenience Fees:

Convenience fees associated with ACH payments vary, depending on the bill type. Credit card charges totaling over $100 will be approximately 3% of the payment

The minimum convenience fee for using a credit card for payments under $100 will range from $1 to approximately $4 dollars.

If you are using a Debit Card, it will be treated as a credit card payment and will have the same charges associated with credit card payments. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please use the Payment Calculator, found on the Login page, to determine your convenience fees.