North Andover Youth & Recreation Services is excited to bring a wide variety of activities to our members this year!

Our membership is for middle school and high school students and allows them to visit the Youth Center after school Monday through Friday, and Saturdays from 4:00-8:00. A membership is $100 for September 2016 through August 2017. There are many programs that our members can participate in, from field trips to recreation activities to community service groups.

There are additional programs we offer that are not listed here, including many drop-in programs that do not require registration. Please see our website for a full listing of our program offerings. Spring programs will be available for registration beginning Monday 3/13 at 9:00am.

Payment types accepted:


Annual membership for middle school and high school NA residents!

Spring Programs - MS Members

These are our spring programs, free of charge, for our Middle School members!

Summer Playground Programs

7-week playground programs: Atkinson (K-2), Drummond (3-5), Sports & Rec (6-8)

Summer Trips - MS Members and Non

Summer field trips for middle schoolers, different fees apply for members and non members!